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Love it Live it

Expert Coaching
Take your kayaking to the next level with a Love it Live it holiday.

  Photos of white water and adventure  

Ottawa Trip Gallery
Check out this new gallery for our summer coaching trip to the warm water playboating paradise Ottawa river!

  Kayaking Pictures on the Ottawa River.  

The White Nile
Our most popular trip featuring big volume rapids and world class play features.


Top quality kayak coaching and adventure holidays in exotic whitewater kayaking destinations.

What is it?
  Love it Live it is a concept that can be applied to almost anything. If you are passionate about it and devote your time and energy towards it, you will be rewarded and you will excel at it.

LiLi is an adventure travel, coaching and kayaking company run by professional coaches who live their lives travelling and white water kayaking around the world. For the coaches of LiLi, it is the passion for exploring, adventuring and white water kayaking and the desire to inspire others to share those experiences and skills.

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