Experience the Zmabezi - Zambia


1) Choose one of the two options for payment below.

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3) You will receive a confirmation email within a few days from LiLi confirming availability and dates.

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Trip prices are outlined as follows...

Experience the White Nile, 7 day beginner - £599 (one to one £899)
Experience the White Nile, 14 day beginner - £1099 (one to one £1649)
Experience the White Nile, 7 day advanced - £599 (one to one £899)
Experience the White Nile, 14 day advanced - £1099 (one to one £1649)
Experience the Zambezi - £1699
Experience the Ottawa - £1295
Nottingham Freestyle Development Camps - £275

(No additional Vat or tax due)


LiLi donates a % of all income towards local charities and organisations that support local communities in the areas of the trips.
For more info on LiLi's attitude towards Responsible Tourism click here.

Option 1 - Posting a Cheque

All cheques made payable to Sam Ward and posted to the following address;

Love it Live it
Pen Y Bryn Isa
LL15 2HB

Cheques must be suitable for a UK bank account.

Depending on trip availability and dates, you will receive confirmation of reciept of payment via email from LiLi.

Option 2 - Via Internet/Telephone Banking

The Love it Live it account details are as follows:

Account Number 44553633
Sort Code 544106


If you have any questions about a trip or booking a trip with LiLi please drop us an email at info@loveitliveit.co.uk


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Group Bookings - Everyone will eventually be required to fill out this form individually. This is to maximise what each individual gets out of the trip and to ensure that there are no gaps in our information. However, it IS possible to pay together if you wish (if you wish to pay as a group please indicate who and how you wish to arrange payment in the 'other questions / queries' at the bottom).


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